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Addiction Counselling at Addiction Specialist London

We provide both psychotherapy and counselling for our clients. The choice of either form of intervention is highly effective, and they have some strategies and treatment principles in common.

As a general rule addiction counselling tends to be a shorter-term, more specific type of addiction recovery programme. Counselling does not take into account issues from the past and how they are impacting a client's current level of functioning; the focus is rather on current issues and the future management of behaviours.

In some cases a client may be referred from counselling to psychotherapy, when significant issues from the past are negatively impacting on the addiction recovery process. This can be essential when tailoring a treatment plan to meet the needs of each individual, especially when a move from counselling to psychotherapy is required to address the root causes of an addiction.

With this responsive and flexible approach to comprehensive treatment recovery is often more successful, with a reduced risk of relapse or the transfer of an addiction onto another behaviour in the future.

What to Expect

Scheduling a first meeting with an addiction counsellor is as simple as calling us or making contact by email; this first visit allows our counsellor to meet confidentially with the client and learn more about them and their treatment goals.

It's essential that clients feel relaxed and understand the confidential nature of these sessions: our counselling is provided one-on-one in private offices, and we do not require attendance at group sessions or for clients to enter into in-patient treatment.

Being comfortable and feeling safe when talking to a counsellor is an essential part of any addiction counselling. The professional is there to work with the client and support their treatment goals, guiding the discussion and assisting them in addressing the causes of their addiction.

From these sessions the counsellor will help them to learn and utilise effective coping mechanisms, to make specific changes in thinking and behaviour that lead to an addiction-free lifestyle - one that can be sustained even in times of challenge or difficulty.

Suppport for Relapses from Recovery

In some cases clients come to us after a relapse or failed attempt at recovery. This may occur at any point in the individual's life, and they may see the relapse as proof of their inability to escape an addiction or dependency.

Our counsellors help clients explore these challenges in a non-judgemental way. Understanding how a relapse occurred, the counsellor and client can work together to develop a more effective plan for managing addictive behaviour in the future. Counselling also provides education and insight into the wider issues surrounding an addition, which can extend to educating and supporting family or friends.

As part of a focussed approach to recovery, counselling has proved a highly effective tool for people of all ages with substance and non-substance addictions. It is a holistic approach, treating the complete person while providing a comprehensive way of addressing the thoughts that drive behaviours.

If you are thinking of making positive, impactful and lifelong changes, and moving forward from addiction, get in touch through our secure private contact form to find out more about how Addiction Specialist London can help.

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