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Training And Supervision

One of the requirements of training in the mental health field as a therapist or counsellor is to take part in ongoing professional development. For both new professionals and those with more experience, supervision is also a requirement.

The professionals at Addiction Specialist London are able to provide both training and supervision for those entering or already in the mental health field. With the use of confidential and secure Skype communication, supervision can be completed for colleagues and professionals working outside of the Mayfair and central London areas and around the globe. With our focus on holistic and integrated treatment options, we have the ability to effectively meet the supervision and professional growth expectations of professionals at any level.


Throughout the year Addiction Specialist London offers a range of professional development training courses and workshops. Depending on the topics and attendees these can be developed at entry-level or as advanced training, designed for those with experience in the field of therapy or counselling.

Training can be conducted on-site as well as at different locations across London. With our staff also being experienced in providing training internationally, we are able to accommodate specific requirements from a wide range of professional groups, organisations, and associations.


A unique requirement of the mental health field is the need for ongoing supervision. Supervision provides a way for therapists to communicate with colleagues, to obtain feedback and to address any concerns, challenges or choices they may be facing in their work with clients, or in providing therapy services.

This feedback typically comes in the form of questions posed by the supervisor. A focus on specifics allows the therapist to evaluate his or her current approach to the treatment of their clients, and ensures best practices are being employed in treatment plans. It is also a way to check that ethical issues and professional standards are being considered when working with clients.

While cases are discussed during these sessions the client is never identified, and the supervisor does not need to know any of the specifics of the case. Instead, from the supervisor's point of view the focus is on helping the colleague define their specific reasoning, and their goals in choosing a particular treatment method.

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Our staff offer expertise and experience in all aspects of both substance and non-substance types of addictions. As these issues become more common in all mental health offices and treatment centres, the need for effective training and supervision is critical.

With experience, compassion and a range of proven treatment methods in all forms of addiction recovery, Addiction Specialist London is able to offer training and supervision opportunities for therapists in London, throughout the United Kingdom and around the world. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch.

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