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The Bespoke Treatment Option

Addiction is often depicted in movies, literature and on television as being linked to those with lower incomes. But addiction can occur in any individual, including business leaders, government officials, celebrities, athletes and those in the public eye.

For many of these individuals there may be a significant stigma in acknowledging an addiction. This can lead to delays in addiction recovery treatment, which also poses an increased risk of discovery of the addiction, possible related health issues, or even the loss of a career or public reputation.

Even for those interested in seeking treatment, there are a number of obstacles to consider; these individuals may have long working hours, making it impossible to get to regular appointments during the business day. Some may travel extensively or be in jobs that do not allow them to get away without providing information to their staff. They may also have difficulty travelling anonymously, which makes it difficult to schedule in-person appointments at any time or location.

Bespoke Treatment in London, across the UK and abroad

At Addiction Specialist London we recognise the extra challenges these individuals face in taking part in addiction recovery treatment. However we also believe in the importance of addiction recovery, so we are able to develop bespoke treatment plans tailored to meet the practical needs of each individual client.

A bespoke treatment plan can work in a variety of ways, to accommodate the client's concerns and needs. For example, we can arrange appointments out of regular office hours, providing a greater level of privacy for the client coming into our office. Busy professionals or leaders in any industry may find meetings at a central location a more time-effective option. Meeting in another location away from their work or our offices also ensures another layer of privacy.

For clients that travel throughout the United Kingdom or abroad, or for those that cannot attend in-person appointments for any reason, we also offer counselling and therapy sessions via Skype. This is an ideal option for those with extremely challenging schedules, or where privacy is paramount in proceeding with an addiction recovery treatment plan.

Creative solutions for reliable addiction recovery

Our experienced and highly trained counsellors and psychotherapists can accommodate any type of scheduling issues and concerns, working with clients to ensure interventions and treatment options are readily available from anywhere in London, the UK or across the globe. As with our in-person appointments, all bespoke services are completely confidential and private; clients' information is carefully protected.

Experienced in working with well-known business leaders, professionals, celebrities and stars, Addiction Specialist London specialises in developing effective, bespoke treatment plans that address the concerns of our clients. If you are interested in finding our more, contact us using our confidential and secure online form.

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